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Are You Following The Proven Model?

“Well I recently launched the store, and I’m advertising on Facebook/Instagram as well as on google Adwords since Shopify gives a bit of Adwords credit…but as you can imagine…”


It amazes me how so many people put up random sites they think look good without first investigating successful sites in their niche.

Then they wonder why they’re not making any money.

It’s because they’re not following proven models.

Now I’ve ran successful Facebook and Adwords campaigns but I wouldn’t call myself a Guru in those fields.

I did my research the 20/80 way and I followed expert advice.

But let me tell you what my secret sauce is to being so good at it.

The main reason why I’ve had successful campaigns is because I knew what the proven models looked like.

There are FIVE key elements to your campaign that will make turn your prospects into customers.

1) Your Offer
2) Your Ad Copy
3) …
4) …
5) …

Can you guess what are the remaining 3?

Comment below with your guess and I’ll give them away to you

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