List of information to gather for your ideal avatar

List of information to gather about your ideal avatar

  1. Job Role
  2. Typical Day
  3. Skills required for their job
  4. Who they report to or who reports to them
  5. What industry do they work in
  6. How big is the company they work for
  7. What are they responsible for in their job
  8. What do they think it means to be successful
  9. How do they learn about new information
  10. What blogs or news sites do they read
  11. What social networks and forums do they use
  12. How old they are
  13. Whether they are married
  14. Whether they have children
  15. Their education and what they studied
  16. How they found the career path they are on
  17. How they prefer to communicate with businesses
  18. What recent purchases they have made
  19. Their pain points
  20. Their goals

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