Say “Yes” to Bypassing the Rules of Society

Say “yes” to bypassing the rules of the industrial age of our society,
Forget about what society says you gotta do step by step,
And go straight towards that end goal, towards the very essence of being human!
What I mean by this is this..
One of my goals in 2017 was to pick up blogging and give away high value content to help people and business owners achieve their own goals and dreams,
It was supposed to be a 1 year experiment, but many people have reached out to me last year and confessed to me personally that I’ve had an impact in their lives, and this really touches me.
That I pushed them to make moves they were procrastinating on for years, that I helped them grow as a person and in also in their businesses and marketing,
So let me address what the the big problem in life is right off the bat, the problem in our industrialized country system is this,
And I’ve had a lot of time to think about this, around 3 years or more,
So the issue is that, all to often, we wake up one day in our adult ages,
Dreading going to school, dreading going to work, dreading life,
Because we were forced to pick a career before we could legally buy a beer!
And why does this happen?
Because so many of us, in our younger years,
Value things (that are not important in themselves) EQUALLY than the goals we’re trying to achieve.
We think they are the same thing. Here’s what I mean.
We confuse society’s rules with our inspired targets and vice versa, but both of these things are really really different,
And this is one of the lessons I wish more people can learn earlier in life, the difference b/w the societal steps and our inspirational targets.
Goals are supposed to be beautiful, they are the end result of being human,
E.g. experiencing love, travelling around the world, being truly happy, contributing to the planet, making a difference in peoples’ lives, learning a new skill, etc.
But often times, society will trap into believing that you need to have certain things in place to get to happiness,
E.g. getting a good GPA, getting into university, getting into a particular firm, being with one particular someone, getting a good review at work, etc.
The problem is you get SO obsessed with what the industrialized system and your parents are telling you, you lose sight of your beautiful goals and purpose.
When I was in college and university, I had a goal of getting a good GPA so that I get accepted into pharmacy or med school and get a high paying job right with a nice car and house,
But along the way, the closer I was getting to my goal, I realized how much I hated my life at the time and I ended up burring that goal to the ground,
Now what did I really want? I wanted to travel around the world, to grow my own business, to be passionate, to have the freedom to do what I wanted to do,
I simply thought that the only way to afford all these things is to become a pharmacist or doctor, and tough it out for 20 years, doing something I didn’t really like, working with pills or medicine,
I confused my desired future outcome with what societal goals.
It’s not about law school, it’s not about GPA, it’s not about doing good in a particular test, it’s about truly experiencing life,
Now, how do you avoid the trap of waking up one day in your adult years, miserable in life and your job because you made the wrong choices?
Forget what you’re told to do, go straight for what you desire and inspired to do,
And with that, you’ve come up with the most powerful goal setting of your life,
In other words, bypass the rules of the industrial age of this society, forget about what society says you gotta do step by step, but to go straight towards that bigger goal and purpose, towards the very essence of being a real human being!
With this in mind, your brain will automatically adapt to learning how to get to where you want to be faster, in smarter and more efficient way!

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