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Systemize your business = more money + time

I find that we are living in a generation where more and more people are understanding the value of time.

I remember, a couple years ago, I was sitting in my Plant Biology classroom…

I was sitting there doing the math trying to figure out how much my professor was making per hour lol.

He was new so I assumed around 70k/year and he was working 40h+/week which means he was making around 34$/hour.

At the time, I was more interested in this marketing book I bought and I remember reading somewhere that the author was selling around 100 books/day at 30$.

That’s 1 MILLION per YEAR.

And the best part is that the author didn’t need to work 40h/week to make that much either…

Obviously, I wanted that same life. I didn’t know how to do it though.

Over the years…as I got more and more into internet marketing, business and building marketing funnels…

I realized that this is actually possible. I’m not talking about 1MM/year but enough to have that aha moment.

Although scaling your business CAN make you 1MM/Y…that’s a discussion for another time.

Since that time I’ve worked mostly on upping my skills in this field and now I build marketing funnels and help entrepreneurs GROW their business and free up their TIME.

The things is…the FIRST thing business owners usually think about when it comes to growing & having more time to work on their business is to hire new employees.

But…what if I can help you start to build systems instead? (which will free up your time)

How do I do that?

Via your website/marketing funnelĀ 

More to come on this soon…

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