Top of Funnel Conversion Assets to Increase Sales on Your Website or Landing Page

Top of Funnel “Conversion Assets” to Increase Sales on Your Website or Landing Page

Hey folks!

To help you keep your online business successful in 2017.

Let me reveal some of the fundamental.

“Conversion assets”

Your website should contain for your marketing.

I’m going to use the Instagram landing page I made for our vegan online shop as an example:

📱Optimized for mobile

If you’re going to make a landing page for Instagram, it is important that you optimize it for mobile.

Often times, “mobile responsive” platforms don’t make the cut or they just don’t look too good.

📲 Continuity

Anyone who knows about online marketing will tell you that your landing page should be a continuation of where the prospects came from.

This reassures the prospect, builds trust and reinforces your brand.

Notice the top “header” part of the landing page…I put “Deja Vegan For Instagrammers”

And at the bottom “footer” part, I speak directly to Instagrammers.

Never put a generic message for all audiences. Always speak directly to your audience when you can.

🌹 Benefits/Results

I took a less salesy approach and outlined the benefits first to show people what type of results they should be expecting with our baked goodies.

This provides the information before the purchase.

‼️ Headline that catches attention

It’s no secret that a good landing page should consistently grab people’s attention so they keep reading and stay on your page longer.

☢️ Images that catches attention

Similar to the headline…the image should pop out and make the person on your site stop & look.
It should also tell story and compliment your headline.

🛡️ Security Badges

“High Protein”, “100% Plant-Based”, “Coconut Oil”, etc.

Adding any type of security badge right below your call to action adds credibility.

🚩 Call to Action

After every “conversion asset”, there should be a call-to-action.

To consistently remind your prospects to buy.

🗣️ Testimonial reviews

These are more powerful than security badges.

There should be one on every sales page!

It automatically reassures, builds trust and confidence in your brand.

It gives prospects that “extra push” to click on the call-to-action.

There are more ways to increase sales on your website/landing page but I’m going to leave it at that.

These are the fundamentals…

You won’t go wrong following this model.

Let me know in the comment box below 👇👇👇 if you have any questions!

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